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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Xbox World, PSM3 To Cease Publication

A sad day for British magazines as we lose two brilliant gaming editions...
Future Publishing today confirmed that their UK Xbox World and PSM3 magazines will cease publication as of the end of the year. These two magazines were brilliant 'indie' unofficial publications, providing more opinionated and diverse takes on some of the year's most anticipated games than their sister 'Official' publications of OPM and OXM, so it will be a true loss to see the teams of both forced to disband. Future cites the reasoning for this move as being intended to place more of a focus on Official PlayStation Magazine and Official Xbox Magazine as we move towards the next-generation of video games consoles. It's an understandable move, but for fans of the current editions it really will be hard to foresee a time when any magazine can really replace them without a reprisal from the original teams. Our thoughts go to both editorial teams, as do our best wishes for the future. The final issues of Xbox World and PSM3 will ship to retailers in December.

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