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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Justice League Movie Star Revealed?

Rumour has it a star from TDKR could be heading back to DC...
Earlier this year, DC Studios confirmed that a film adaptation of their hit Justice League team-up comic-book series was in the works. Since then we've heard little but false rumours of directors and plot details, but one particular interesting potential cast member could well have substance here. Rumour has it that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will reprise his role as John Blake in the first entry in the new film franchise. What's the relevance of this? Batman fans will of course know that Blake took on the guise of the Caped Crusader after Bruce Wayne's faked death in Nolan's masterful trilogy closer The Dark Knight Rises (5/5) in the Summer just gone by. If Blake is to return, then it seems the movie will pick up after the events of Bane's capturing of Gotham City, which would allow for some interesting continuity points to be picked up upon. There are reports circulating too that Gordon-Levitt will make a cameo in Man Of Steel too to help segue towards the big team-up compilation flick, which should certainly help matters given that DC have no other comic adaptations between now and the release window. Justice League lands in cinemas in 2015.

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