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Saturday, 24 November 2012

First FarCry 3 Reviews Are In

Does FarCry have what it takes to end 2012 with a bang?...
Though it's hard to believe it, we're pretty much at the end of the Autumn/Winter Of Gaming season now. Yes, in two months' time things pick up again with new instalments of Metal Gear, BioShock, Gears Of War, Aliens and Tomb Raider, but until then it'll be a case of catching up on the flurry of titles we've seen head our way these past few weeks. That said, there is still one more BIG release to come this holiday season: FarCry 3. Critics have already given us a whole heap of verdicts on this exciting open-world shooter, and you can catch the best of 'em below...

  • IGN (9/10)- "With dynamic variables like agressive wildlife and roaming pirates, your stealth and aggression options in FarCry 3 open things up more than ever before for the pen-world franchise."
  • CVG (94%)- "Power through visual hitches and a strained finale to find a spirited gem with extreme pursuits, stunning scenery and hoards of savage animals- both man and beast alike."
  • OFFICIAL XBOX MAGAZINE (9/10)- "This isn't too much of a departure; however, handily it's the best game in the series so far, and deserves to hold its head high among this winter's noisy crowd of sandbox offerings."
  • GAME INFORMER (90%)- "After two remarkable but uneven offerings, the third instalment finally pulls everything together with diverse open-world action, compelling story and an alluring environment that begs exploration."
  • EUROGAMER (10/10)- "It's a glorious anecdote factory; it's an astonishing technological achievement- FarCry 3 is all the best things about open-world gaming!"
FarCry 3 hits stores on Friday, November 30th, with our review to follow over the Christmas season in a games review blitz feature.

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