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Friday, 30 November 2012

December 2012: Top 5 Most Anticipated Releases

Journeys, Jungles And So Much More Bring 2012 To Its Epic Climax!
Here we are, then: the end of 2012 has arrived. Unless we're unlucky, the fabled apocalypse should pass us by- what will be here without a doubt, however, are plenty of big new releases ready to keep our interests well and truly sustained until well after the dawn of the New Year. Yes, 2013 is sure to be another huge year for the entertainment industry, filled with surprises and masterpieces, but for now we can stay focused on one final month that will end the year with a big bang. Here's our round-up guide for the Top 5 Most Exciting Releases of December 2012...
5. LIFE OF PI- Bouncing back off the success of similar films like Slumdog Millionaire, this adaptation of Yang Mi's classic fantasy novel Life Of Pi looks to bring a touch of magic and wonder back to our cinemas. Tobey Maguire may have been axed from the flick due to his stardom, but that shouldn't stop this one being a bonafida Oscar contender that you won't want to miss. (Thursday 20th)
4. AN IDIOT ABROAD 3: THE SHORT WAY ROUND- Karl Pilkington and Warwick Davis made their small screen returns tonight with the premiere episode of An Idiot Abroad 3, and we've still got two more feature-length specials from the pair's international documentary to come. Sky1 haven't let us down in the past, so Karl and Warwick are sure to have plenty of hilarious antics for us to look forward to in the fornight ahead. Could this be the greatest season the show's had so far? (Friday 7th, 14th)
3. DOCTOR WHO: THE SNOWMEN- It's saying something for me and the entertainment industry when a new episode of Doctor Who doesn't reach the top of the list this month, but all the same The Snowmen looks like another epic adventure for the Time Lord. The Doctor finds himself turned Scrooge after the deaths of his companions the Ponds, but can Jenna-Louise Coleman's new companion Clara Oswin redeem his soul in time for him to thwart Doctor Simeon and the mysterious ice army threatening the Earth? And more importantly, just who is Clara really...? (Tuesday 25th)
2. MERLIN- What with the confirmation that Merlin will conclude this year in its current season, the final episodes of the show left to broadcast carry a certain level of franchise pathos. All the same, we've got exciting times ahead, as Merlin fights to free Gwen from his nemesis, runs for his life as Morgana searches for Emrys and witnesses the turn of Mordred that could very well fulfill his vision of Arthur's death in the imminent Battle Of Camelot. Prepare for the end- it should be a moment of television legend! (Saturday 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th)
1. THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY- But at the top of the list had to come perhaps the most exciting release of 2012. Peter Jackson is kicking off his three-part film adaptation of The Hobbit with An Unexpected Journey, the first step of a truly momentous adventure. As Bilbo Baggins embarks on a quest with a band of dwarves to reclaim their treasure from an ancient dragon, while Gandalf convenes with the White Council to battle the rising threat of Sauron on Middle-Earth, could this be a Film Of The Year contender? Do not bet against it...(Thursday 13th)

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