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Monday, 12 November 2012

Merlin Episode Nine Synopsis Unveiled

The secrets of Gwen's true deception will be revealed...
Anyone privy to the broadcast of Merlin: The Dark Tower will know that Morgana has secretly turned over the Queen, Gwen, to her way of thinking, setting in motion an arc of deception and betrayal. Well, today we've learnt more on this matter, with the synopsis for the ninth episode of the fifth season unveiled for viewers to divulge. Here's the synopsis: "Merlin knows he must act fast before Morgana's twisted control over Gwen gets out of hand. But only the most powerful magic can save the Queen and this will not be easy, even for Merlin. As the High Priestess tightens her grip on Camelot, one thing is clear- she will not give up her puppet queen without a fight." It's good to know that in two weeks' time this story arc will be resolved, as it should allow for the final instalments of this climactic season to wrap up the Mordred storyline neatly too. Merlin Episode Nine airs on December 1st.

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