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Saturday, 28 April 2012

5 Books To Read In The Hiatus

Five novels that are most certainly worth your time...
Although this blog is primarily focused around entertainment broadcast to us through screens (hence the name), from time to time I like to recommend a few books that in my mind either beg your attention or need to be avoided when they're related to on-screen events or are simply of literary merit. As such, I have concocted a list of five great reads that it would be worth your while checking out while the blog is away for a couple of weeks. Here they are...
A MONSTER CALLS (5/5)- I would have placed Patrick Ness' sensational Chaos Walking trilogy on this list (well worth your time, especially with a big-screen adaptation on its way), but considering I'm anticipating you reading some of these in just the space of 2/3 weeks, I thought I'd go for Ness' more recent brilliant standalone novel A Monster Calls. Packed with heart and soul, this emotive drama is beautifully portrayed and illustrated in such a way that the reason for its listing on various teenage shortlists like Carnegie becomes obvious.
HARRY POTTER: PAGE TO SCREEN (5/5)- As I said earlier this year, in short Page To Screen is the ultimate page rendition of how the Harry Potter novels were made into feature films, a full and thorough analysis of some of the greatest adaptations of all time, and a fan's dream come to when put in collaboration with the new Studio Tour. More on THAT after the hiatus!
BETWEEN SHADES OF GREY (4.5/5)- Also on the Carnegie shortlist, Rua Septym's latest novel focuses on Lithuania in the years of the Second World War, its title alluding to whether hell is more suitable under the rule of Stalin or Hitler. It's a tad simplistic at times, but Between Shades Of Grey is definitely worth a read nevertheless.
MY NAME IS MINA (4.5/5)- Another Carnegie contender, this time in the guise of a prequel to the 1997 award-winner Skellig from David Almond. Despite the obvious connections to its 'inspiration', My Name Is Mina flourises in its characterisations and accessible narrative. You'll be surprised at just how much it makes you think about life and its meaning!
THE HUNGER GAMES (4.5/5)- Oh, you won't have heard of this one- it's about a girl, and a deadly competition...oh, you have heard of it? Joking aside, the book of The Hunger Games really is even better than the great movie adaptation, and deserves your time if only to lead you into the two other equally great sequels.

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