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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Summer Of Film: Your Guide

Every big movie of this sensational blockbuster season listed and detailed...
The Summer Of Film is without a doubt the film industry's biggest and most successful event of each year. It packs in dozens upon dozens of fantastic new popcorn blockbusters and deeper dramas and thrillers for cinema-goers to really sink their teeth into amongst the infrequent sunny Brit weather and the joys of the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee this time around. As I'm in a generous mood, here I've compiled together a big list of all of the feature films headed your way from April to August, meaning you're getting five months worth of filmic goodness at no charge and my verdict on the most essential films coming to the big screen highlighted in yellow. Enjoy!...
APRIL- We're obviously already a few days into April, but already it's clear to see that a few big releases are on the way.
BATTLESHIP- This all-star adaptation of the famed Hasbro board game recalls war movies like Battle: Los Angeles, so it could really go any way. (April 11th)
THE CABIN IN THE WOODS (4.5/5)- As I've already said in my World Exclusive review, Cabin In The Woods is a shocking and innovative horror that turns its genre on its head and deserves to be seen by everyone. (April 13th)
LOCKOUT- Guy Pearce's new sci-fi action flick is looking like one of good fanfare, packing in thrills and shocks galore aboard a prison spaceship that conceals dark secrets...(April 20th)
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE- And of course we've got the biggest superhero ensemble movie ever coming to the big screen at the month's end- will it impress as much as we've all hoped...? (April 26th)
MAY- The second month of the Summer Of Film is a little less busy. Still, there are certainly entries from many of our favourite genres to entice us until the big hitters come in the succeeding periods.
AMERICAN PIE: REUNION- Stifler and the gang are back in action for one final hilarious comedy romp sure to be as raunchy and daring as ever! (May 2nd)
BEAUTY & THE BEAST 3D- If you missed out on Walt Disney's classic Beauty And The Beast animated film as a kid, now's your chance to make up for your mistake. Try out the first animated movie that won a Best Picture Oscar on the big screen with the third-dimension...(May 3rd)
DARK SHADOWS- Johnny Depp, Helena-Bonham Carter and Tim Burton (I know, shocker!) reunite for what looks to be an ambitious fantasy comedy with plenty of surprises to come. (May 11th)
THE DICTATOR- I can't help but worry for Sacha Baron Cohen's latest controversial adventure. Borat was samey and Bruno was just plain rubbish so this guy hardly has a legacy to fulfill for me, and right now this take on modern dictators doesn't look all that impressive. Still, if the past two movies were up your street, Dictator may well be to your taste. (May 18th)
MEN IN BLACK III- It's time for Will Smith and Tommy-Lee Jones to take centre stage in a sci-fi time-travelling adventure as everyone's favourite alien busting secret agents, but can the guys rekindle their magic in time to resurrect a long-dead franchise? (May 25th)
JUNE- June really is where everything begins to kick up a notch, as one or two of the biggest entries of the season finally arrive!
SNOW WHITE & THE HUNSTMAN- Don't discount this fantasy thriller starring Twilight's Kristen Stewart as same old, same old. Along with Thor's Chris Hemsworth, Stewart looks to be giving the performance of her career as the Grimm's Tale character in this dark new interpretation. (June 1st)
PROMETHEUS- All the coverage I've been giving to Ridley Scott's epic new Alien prequel? At the beginning of June, you'll find out just why I have, in what promises to be one of the biggest and best movies of 2012. Mark this date on your calendars right now! (June 1st)
A FANTASTIC FEAR OF EVERYTHING- Simon Pegg's newest comedy looks a little more low-key than Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz and Paul, but there's still a fair chance that Pegg will pull out another winner here with his portrayal of a crazed psychopathic author. (June 8th)
ROCK OF AGES- Prepare to rock in this year's biggest musical ensemble yet. Russell Brand, Alec Baldwin, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Tom Cruise are all on board for what promises to be a no-holds barred song fest with tons of memorable moments. (June 15th)
JULY- Again, we're really getting some of the biggest movies of 2012 in July, with two in particular that you will not want to miss...
THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN- Will Andrew Garfield impress as Spider-Man? Can this reboot's continuity possibly hope to work around the original trilogy? And just how long can Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy in Marc Webb's take on the famed Spidey mythology? All of these questions and more will be answered early in July! (July 4th)
ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT- Okay, so the Ice Age franchise seems to be getting fully milked now, but there could still be some life in it as the animated gang are torn about by a worldwide earthquake that changes everything...(July 13th)
THE DARK KNIGHT RISES- My Most Anticipated Movie Of 2012 finally surfaces: Batman, Commissioner Gordon, Alfred and Ra's Al Ghul all make their final appearances in The Dark Knight Rises, as we ultimately discover what will become of Gotham and its dark protector while the elusive Catwoman and the vengeful Bane enter the fray. Expect nothing less than a masterpiece. (July 20th)
DR SEUSS' THE LORAX- A bit of a bizarre one, this: Dr Seuss' latest adaptation features Zac Efron as an eccentric environmental worker trying to save a forest from evil manufacturers with the help of some magical creatures. The Lorax is probably best left to the kids. (July 27th)
AUGUST- This final section of the Summer Of Film is packed with new movies, and although their overall quality may vary, there are still a few big names to look out for amongst them.
ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER- Undoubtedly one of the strangest entries this season, Vampire Hunter takes a literal axe to history as one of America's most famous leaders turns into an all-out fantasy hero. (August 2nd)
G.I. JOE: RETALIATION- G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra was a weak adventure film to say the least, so Retaliation has quite the reputation to shake, but if it can do so then we may well be in for a treat thanks to stars like the Rock making appearances. (August 3rd)
DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: DOG DAYS- Another film primarily aimed at the kids, the latest Diary Of A Wimpy Kid continues the haphazard exploits of young Greg in his high school Summer holidays. (August 3rd)
TED- Seth MacFarlane is making his big-screen debut with this exciting blend of CGI and live-action comedy. Hopefully, we'll get something closer to the lines of Paul than The Smurfs! (August 3rd)
STEP UP: REVOLUTION- Well done if you've managed to overcome the painful feeling that the Step Up franchise will never die and the fans never feeding its repetitive instalments cash, because for me Revolution represents the absolute opposite of its title, an insulting cash-grabbing retread. (August 10th)
THE EXPENDABLES 2- How a sequel to quite possibly the Worst Movie of 2010 managed to surface is beyond me. However, with Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwazeneger, Mickey Rourke and the rest of the all-star cast are back, we can at least hope for a plot which does more than take us from one gung-ho setpiece to another. Yep, I said 'hope'. (August 17th)
BRAVE- Disney Pixar are finally coming back to the cinema with a full-on 3D action adventure animation that could well be a potential sleeper hit for the Summer Of Film. Keep your radar on this one despite the other biggies coming this season, as you might be surprised by it! (August 17th)
THE BOURNE LEGACY- It's also time for Jeremy Renner to show us the good stuff. It's Renner's job to reboot Matt Damon's action blockbuster franchise, so I wish him the absolute best of luck with promising thriller The Bourne Legacy. (August 17th)
TOTAL RECALL- Only revealed recently, this remake of a sci-fi classic may well be a sleeper hit too, so keep an eye on whether its promo campaign heightens enough to entice us! (August 22nd)
KEITH LEMON: THE FILM- Don't expect too many miracles from what will undoubtedly be a vulgar and shallow flick, but fans of Celebrity Juice should definitely prepare for treats galore. (August 24th)
NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH- And finally, to wrap up this year's Summer Of Film we have an all-star sci-fi comedy featuring Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill and Vince Vaughn for starters, and again promising to be a big sleeper hit just as Paul was back in Spring 2011. (August 29th)
Don't forget that once the almighty Summer Of Film has ended, we've already got new movies such as Para-Norman, Resident Evil: Retribution, Savages, Taken 2, Frankenweenie, Hotel Transylvania, Paranormal Activity 4, Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, Skyfall, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, Nativity 2: The Second Coming, Rise Of The Guardians, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey AND The Great Gatsby to look forward to in the final quarter of 2012, so times for the film industry show no signs of slowing down. And just wait until you see 2013...sorry, thinking ahead!

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