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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Coming Up This Week: April 9th-15th

A monumental annual event begins once again this week!
There aren't tons and tons of big releases on the way in the next seven days, but we can at least be sure of one event finally beginning with the release of two brand new Summer blockbusters...
THE SUMMER OF FILM BEGINS- Battleship and The Cabin In The Woods (4.5/5) are making their way to cinemas on Wednesday April 11th, and do you know what that means? This is the week where the Summer Of Film 2012 kicks off in full force, and from here on out there will be pretty much no periods where there aren't big, game-changing blockbusters out on the big screen for you to go and watch. Keep an eye on the blog for an article covering every major movie you can expect to see in the next few months...
DEREK- It's also time for Ricky Gervais to make his return to the television comedy scene with the broadcast of a pilot for his new series Derek. Starring himself as a deranged elderly person and Karl Pilkington as the manager of his nursing home, this could well be one of the funniest episodes of television in a good while if Gervais has played his cards right! Catch it this Thursday on Channel 4.
GLEE: BIG BROTHER- After its fortnight hiatus, Glee makes its return to Sky1 this Thursday. That means it's time to discover just what has become of Quinn after her terrifying car crash, and indeed of the Rachel-Finn wedding after the devestating events of the mid-series finale...
AND THERE'S MORE- A Night To Remember and The Edge come to cinemas too, while Pandora's Tower and Hard Reset are on their way to video game retailers, South Park's fourteenth season hits DVD and Florence And The Machine release their MTV Presents: Unplugged album to digital retailers. On telly, you can catch a new episode of Two & A Half Men this Monday, but other than that bar the big shows above there isn't loads of new content to look forward to.
ON THE BLOG- I'll be reviewing the Doctor Who Revisitations 3 DVD boxset, Battleship, Derek and Glee: Big Brother, as well as providing a full retrospective on the first Avengers prequel movie Iron Man and looking ahead to the Summer Of Film right at its beginning with a big feature.
AND NEXT WEEK...- It's time for The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings Extended Edition to finally make its way to Xbox 360!

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