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Monday, 23 April 2012

5 Games You Should Play In The Hiatus

We're not gone for long, but whilst we are, try out these top titles!
As followers of On-Screen will know, we're taking a brief three-week break starting May 1st and culminating on the 25th. As such, I want to leave you with recommendations of some of the biggest current and upcoming entertainment releases that you should try out whilst we're temporarily gone. Let's start with the Top 5 video games players should be getting ahold of before we return...
MASS EFFECT 3 (10/10)- The clear favourite in terms of longetivity, Mass Effect 3 has an ace sci-fi storyline that riffs on many of the greats brilliantly and above all it's a blast to play through despite the slightly disappointing ending. (Out Now)
THE WITCHER 2: EXTENDED EDITION- If you're in need of another epic role-playing fantasy game, though, The Witcher 2 is a sublime adventure packed with heart and thrills galore. (Out Now)
PROTOTYPE 2- It's time to find out what Alex Mercer has been up to, as a vicious new superhero infecyed by a virus wreaks havoc on New York with his powers, setting the stage for one of the most violent and profound conflicts in the history of the planet Earth...(Out Now)
MAX PAYNE 3- Rockstar are finally bouncing back with a new linear shooter that promises to shake up the entire third-person genre breathtakingly. Expect an engaging narrative, first-class action and above all some of the best visuals on PS3 and 360. (Out May 16th)
GHOST RECON: FUTURE SOLDIER- The latest adventure in the epic Ghost Recon third-person shoter series has been hyped up for some time now, but will it deliver? I've got a good inkling about it, and we'll know for sure on the day that the blog returns for good! (Out May 25th)

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