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Monday, 16 April 2012

Super Mario WiiU, Conferences Confirmed For E3 2012

A brand new Mario Bros title will be unveiled later this Summer!
Shigeru Miyamoto (head of Nintendo) has confirmed that his company will showcase an all new Super Mario Bros title for their upcoming WiiU hardware at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. We got a look at a demo build for a remake of New Super Mario Bros Wii at last year's conference, yet I suspect that won't be what we see here- nope, expect something completely unprecedented and innovative to surface for the first next-generation console at Nintendo's E3 conference. Meanwhile, Microsoft and Sony have both confirmed that their E3 showcases will take place on Monday, June 4th. The former publisher is expected to bring Fable: The Journey; Halo 4 and Forza Horizon along with a host of new exclusives to their conferences, while PlayStation gamers can likely look forward to The Last Of Us, The Last Guardian and loads of PSVita titles in development too. We'll obviously be back a couple of weeks before all this comes to pass, so expect a huge wave of live coverage and blogs as soon as the first showcase broadcasts!

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