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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Glee: Dance With Somebody Review (5/5)

Somebody to love!
Well, we waited tiresome weeks upon weeks for Glee to finally bring us another killer episode, and with this week's Dance With Somebody we've got it. At first, this Whitney Houston tribute episode seems to be another shallow affair, with songs from the late pop icon thrust in no matter how great their context in terms of the storyline, and yet this episode quickly develops into an emotional and thus heartfelt romp for the New Directions that really begins to signal where the Glee club might head after graduation. Kurt and Blane's troubled romance in particular works brilliantly, especially with It's Not Alright But It's Okay rendered wonderfully by Darren Criss in a masterful music video, and on top of that we see many of the students begin to accept that for some of them, the end really is coming. It's something we all have to deal with, and certainly for many Year 12 followers of the blog (myself included in that age group), so perhaps that makes me a little more biased and empathetic towards the episode than some will be. Yet whether you're a Whitney fan or not, a budding adult or not, this is still a fast-paced and innovative musical romp that makes for a great (and for some of us particularly guiding) hour of viewing. Dance With Somebody serves as the perfect antidote to many of the dire uneventful time-fillers we've seen recently, and on a wider scale one of the best episodes of this season of Glee.

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