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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Filling The Doctor Who Void: News Roundup (April 2nd-8th)

The news on Series Seven just keeps on coming from DWM!
The release of this month's Doctor Who Magazine was always going to be big, and thankfully the publication's writing team did not disappoint, providing readers with loads of exciting new gossip on the next season of Who. Here's the full roundup of what's been revealed...
  • EPISODES REVITALISED- The new issue of DWM has confirmed once again that six episodes of Doctor Who will air in 2012. Five will air over the course of the Autumn, then will come the Christmas Special, then another eight episodes will air in early 2013. After that, more stories are planned for the fiftieth anniversary, but we'll get more details on that later this year...
  • POWER IN THE PEN- The mag also reveals that the Dalek opener Episode 1 has been penned by Steven Moffat, the CGI-heavy Egyptian thriller Episode 2 by Chris Chibnall, the Wild West romp Episode 3 by Toby Whithouse, the unrevealed Episode 4 again by Chibnall and the Weeping Angels mid-series finale Episode 5 with the Ponds' departure again by the Moff. It's a great line-up of the three script leads for now, and I'm sure we can expect Mark Gatiss to be just the start of the 2013 roster of writers on board for the fiftieth anniversary.
  • MORE PREMIERE DETAILS- As you can see above, one of the 20-30 promised Classic and New Daleks will be taken from the 1967 Patrick Troughton story The Evil Of The Daleks, looking a bit worse for wear alongside the Doctor and Amy in the picture above. It also appears that the Ponds get into a big argument in the series opener, with divorce papers seemingly coming into the mix, so is the Doc going to whisk the Ponds away on seperate trips to make them realise the strength of their love, only for tragedy to strike with the Angels in Episode 5? My guess is that if the Moff is serious about one of the pair dying (I'd guess Amy, Rory's would seem too fake), we can have a big impactful conclusion where it's revealed that Rory can't bear to see the Doctor anymore. However, whether both Ponds will die is possible too, as I'm not quite sure how River will take it and/or why her reaction to them is relatively restricted in her past appearances...
  • MYLES TO GO BEFORE A RETURN: Sophia Myles (Lady Reinette in The Girl In The Fireplace) has confirmed to DWM that despite the rumours she will not be appearing in Series Seven as Reinette or a new character, stating that having had a conversation she and Steven had decided it would be an "inappropriate" move. I'm glad the pair don't want to muck about with what's already a beautiful story- but for heavens sake, can we please at least get Jenny (whose story was left so unresolved) back next year for some closure?
Expect some more details on Series Seven in the next few weeks, and a few big announcements along the way to Comic Con, where I expect there'll be another Who panel and a new, longer trailer for the first run!

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