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Thursday, 26 April 2012

New Bond Film Coming In 2014

Skyfall is just the beginning, apparently!
As if it weren't enough to know that Daniel Craig will return to his role as James Bond later this year in Skyfall, the twenty-third movie starring Agent 007, MGM Studios has today confirmed that the film franchise will return for a twenty-four entry in two years' time. What's interesting about the announcement is that Craig was only technically signed on for three Bond films, and thus if he wants to Daniel can decide to hand over the reins to another actor (or actress?) in the next flick. It seems unlikely what with his enthusiasm for the series so far, but it's not unthinkable, and if it were to happen then speculation would be feverish as to who will come next. Skyfall is out on October 26th, while Bond 24 is set for release in Summer 2014.

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