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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Exelcisor! News Round-Up

Catch up on all the latest superhero movie and comic news...
Here's a compilation of a few interesting pieces of recent news from the head honchos at Marvel's comics and films divisions...
THERE'S MORE THAN ONE TEAM UP- Marvel Comics have revealed that the Amazing Spider-Man Peter Parker and the Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales characters will merge as part of the Spider-Man 50th Anniversary celebrations in their comic books in a team-up strip called Spider Men. We can expect more details on the narrative of this very exciting comic-book team up very soon...
THE VILLAIN REVEALED- Joss Whedon has also confirmed that the alien invaders in Assemble are none other than the Chiatauri, a precursor race of sorts to the Skrulls, but definitely not the same race who get involved in the legendary Kree-Skrull war that shaped much of the 21st century Marvel Universe!
MORE POST-AVENGERS DETAILS- Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has given us a host of exciting details on the Marvel movies coming to us after Avengers Assemble hits next week, and in the list below you can see everything he had to say to Collider...

  • The Amazing Spider-Man is looking great, and should hopefully silence the haters still angry at the thought of a reboot.
  • Iron Man 3 won't be Avengers 2, instead featuring a virtually standalone storyline where Tony Stark is forced to call on his intellect as he did back at the very beginning in the caves, while the other Avengers can't help due to being away on their own adventures and couldn't understand the situation anyway.
  • Thor 2 will place the focus back on Thor and Jane's relationship, what's happened in the Nine Realms whilst Thor has away and the Asgardians have remained trapped and how Thor reacts with Odin to Loki's treachery in Avengers. Expect the reveal of an all-new villain for our hero to face off against too, and as with IM3 Thor being mostly back in Asgard will help explain the lack of fellow SHIELD teammates.
  • Captain America 2 will primarily focus on Steve Rogers learning to live in our modern-day world, but see the returns of SHIELD agents as they recruit him for his new, most dangerous mission yet.
  • We'll be told what brand new Marvel movie is coming in May 2014 when Comic Con arrives this August. Exciting times indeed!
ASSEMBLE- And of course don't forget that Avengers Assemble arrives in cinemas here in the UK next Thursday, April 26th, so get booking your tickets and while you do check out these awesome new clips featuring some verbal sparring between Tony, Nick Fury and Loki...

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