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Sunday, 22 April 2012

New Dark Knight Rises Trailer Confirmed

The Legend's End Is Just Three Months Away...
A quarter of a year might seem a long time away, but I've got a feeling that the next three months leading up to the release of superhero blockbuster finale The Dark Knight Rises will whiz by in a flash. To that end, it's all the more enticing to hear that a brand new trailer for the movie will be hitting our screens in the next couple of weeks. Warner Brothers have confirmed that the latest preview will play in front of The Avengers over in US cinemas- whether this means Avengers Assemble fans here in the UK will get the chance to see it ten days early remains to be seen, yet it's at least confirmation that on May 4th, all will begin to be revealed. Brace yourselves...The Dark Knight Rises debuts on July 20th.

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