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Friday, 20 April 2012

House Finale Title Revealed

Everybody Lies...and Everybody Dies.
Earlier this year, Fox confirmed that their medical drama House would not return for a ninth season of cases. Up until now, details on what the final episode of the show will hold for Hugh Laurie's nefarious doctor and his team of intrepid colleagues have been scarce, amounting to little more than the confirmation that Olivia Wilde will return as former teammate Thirteen and that Lisa Edelstein will not reprise her role as love interest Cuddy, as well as a host of rumours that Kal Penn's Kutner will be 'resurrected' in some form of hallucination or flashback. However, Fox have done us the courtersy of at least announcing the title of the season finale- it's called Everybody Dies. Clearly meant as a stark contrast to the show's opener Everybody Lies, on the basis of these two omnious words alone we can perhaps begin to guess that not everyone might make it out of the finale alive. Perhaps this could just be a round-up of loose ends where House must come to deal with never knowing what drove Kutner to commit suicide or with Thirteen's Huntingtons disease, or perhaps all of the drugs and vicodin he has taken in the past will finally catch up with the good doctor...who knows? For now, House continues broadcasting every week on Sky1, with Everybody Dies set to air on May 22nd.

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