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Monday, 16 April 2012

Crysis 3 Announced

Will it be the definitive FPS of 2013?
EA have announced Crysis 3 today. The sequel to two of the best-selling first person shooters in some time (and critically acclaimed, too- I gave Crysis 2 a hefty 9/10 last Summer), the new FPS will take Prophet back to New York as he discovers biodomes have been set up by the evil Cell corporation to trap the citizens of the city in a jungle world of terror and martial law. This promises to allow a setting that excitingly blends the exotic landscapes of the original with the futuristic buildings of the 2011 successor, and should make for some interesting gameplay mechanics, especially with the introduction of a customisable bow-and-arrow weapon. We're promised more details and the first trailer for Crysis 3 at E3 2012, so keep an eye on the blog after the hiatus for further updates. Crysis 3 is set for release in Spring 2013.

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