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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Filling The Doctor Who Void: News Update

Is this the final end for Rory Williams? Plus John Simm ends the rumours!
The past fortnight or so hasn't been busy for Doctor Who news, so I thought I'd just give you a quick update on what's been going on in the filming stages and in the press:
POND DROUGHT?- Filming for Episode 5, the unnamed finale for Amy and Rory Pond, is continuing. From what we've heard from fans on site, the story involves the Weeping Angels sending Rory back in time (with a possible return from the older Rory a la The Doctor's Wife) to the 1940s and the Doctor and Amy racing in the TARDIS with River to discover his whereabouts in wartime New York. Of course, speculation is already mounting that the Statue of Liberty itself will be a Weeping Angel, but more intriguing rumours are surfacing that Rory will truly bite the bullet this time around, as filming took place with the Doctor staring sadly at some graves in a cemetary. That could mean Amy dies too, but in terms of the response of the kids' audience we may find that one companion's final death is more than enough...how the demise(s) could happen is still up in the air, though, so be prepared for thrills and tears aplenty!
SIMM IS NOT THE MASTER- Despite rumours to the contrary, former Master actor John Simm (who played the character in Utopia, The Sound Of Drums, Last Of The Time Lords and The End Of Time) has confirmed that he has no plans to return to Doctor Who. This isn't likely to be out of some hatred of the show- in fact, Simm expressed interest in returning last Summer- but more that Simm is a busy man and unless he somehow makes it into the 2013 Anniversary run then he simply is not likely to have time to come back. Don't count out a regenerated Master harrowed by his battle with the Time Lords back into the Time War though!
Unless there's any big Who news in the next few days, this feature will return after the hiatus to cover the final months leading up to a full trailer at ComicCon and Series Seven starting in the Autumn. Before all that, though, here's a brief outline of goings-ons in May...
THURSDAY 3RD- DWM Issue 447 (New Details On Series Seven From Behind-The-Scenes); Doctor Who: Day Of The Cockroach Audiobook; Torchwood: Red Skies Audio Drama
MONDAY 7TH- Doctor Who: Ace Adventures DVD Box Set; Doctor Who: The Crimson Hand Graphic Novel Compilation
TUESDAY 29TH- Doctor Who: Trail Of The White Worm Audio Drama
THURSDAY 31ST- DWM Issue 448 (Even More New Series Seven Details- Episode Titles!)

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