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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Hugo 2012 Award Nominees Announced

Who will win at the year's biggest sci-fi awards ceremony?
Although it has always been marketed at a fairly specific audience, the Hugo Awards ceremony has regularly been a great way to annually chart the progress of science-fiction in the past year. This year's shortlist is no exception to that fact, recalling some of the best sci-fi releases of 2011 and pitting them against each other...good luck to all involved! (I've highlighted in yellow my personal favourites in the awards where I've seen the releases!)
BEST NOVEL: Among Others; A Dance With Dragons; Deadline; Embassytown; Leviathan Wakes
BEST GRAPHIC STORY: Diggers; Fables Volume 15; Locke & Key Volume 4; Schlock Mercenary; The Unwritten
BEST DRAMATIC PRESENTATION (LONG FORM): Captain America: The First Avenger; Game Of Thrones; Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2; Hugo; Source Code
BEST DRAMATIC PRESENTATION (SHORT FORM): Doctor Who: The Doctor's Wife; The Drink Tank; Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes To War; Community: Remedial Chaos; Doctor Who: The Girl Who Waited
The Hugo Awards 2012 will air on September 2nd.

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