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Friday, 20 April 2012

Merlin Series 5 Details Revealed

The Darkest Hour has passed, but what comes next?
Amongst all the excitement for the London Olympic Games this Summer, it's easy to forget that the Autumn has plenty in store for television viewers too. As well as Doctor Who's return for the beginning of its seventh season and its fiftieth anniversary celebrations, we've got Merlin back for what looks to be the fifth and final season of the show. This time around, expect the stakes to be raised to their highest yet as the truth behind Morgana's rescue at the hands of a baby dragon, Merlin's vicious murder of the troublesome Agravaine and the marraige of Arthur to Guennievere finally come to light. Some fresh new details on the new run have been revealed courtersy of the BBC...
  • Talking to SciFi Now, showrunner Julian Murphy has a few exciting tidbits to share. On the season as a whole: "We're very interested in Merlin's development, and Arthur as the King of the Round Table and that legend. The fully fledged Camelot is something we're getting towards, and that opens up a whole raft of new possibilities." On Merlin as a character: "You saw a glimpse at the end of Series Four, where Merlin killed Agravaine, of the stronger, more focused and powerful character he was becoming- we're really interested in taking him on that journey and all the dangers and temptations it will bring." And on the seemingly redeemed antagonist Morgana: "She's growing into a stronger and more committed enemy than ever before. The stakes are becoming higher now that Arthur is King and the future of Albion is being created. There's more for Merlin to fight for and for him to protect."
  • The BBC have also confirmed that Game Of Thrones star Liam Cunningham will get a guest role of his own in Series Five, and that Lindsay Duncan and Janet Montgomery will return to reprise their roles as Queen Annis and Princess Mithian respectively too.
Look for more details on Series Five at ComicCon this August; Merlin returns in September.

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