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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Lionsgate Confirm Chaos Walking Adaptation

The makers of the Twilight and Hunger Games movies are back for their most ambitious project yet...
If you hadn't already heard of Patrick Ness' stunning Chaos Walking fantasy trilogy, it looks like you're about to hear a lot of surprising news: the first book in the series, The Knife Of Never Letting Go, has confirmed to be adapted into a movie by Lionsgate today. Yep fans, that means that in the next couple of years, Todd Hewitt's first daring adventure in a world where no secrets can be kept forever will find a place on the big screen for the first time! Charlie Kaufman (a renowned Broadway drama playwright) will pen the screenplay for the film, with author Ness overseeing the project as a whole alongside the currently unnamed director. Right now, there are no concrete details on the likeliehood of all three entries in the series being adapted into cinematic brilliance, but so long as Knife gets handled well, what with the success of Lionsgate's Twilight and Hunger Games adaptations it seems inevitable that The Ask And The Answer and Monsters Of Men will hit cinemas too not so long after. With Breaking Dawn Part 2 wrapping up everyone's favourite vampire saga this November, and Hunger Games getting its next full instalment in November 2013 (and presumably its two-part finale in Winter 2014 and '15), there's definitely a void beginning to emerge for Lionsgate that the filmmakers will want to fill as soon as they can with a new franchise, so expect The Knife Of Never Letting Go to hit cinemas sometime in 2014 short of a disastrous delay.

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