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Saturday, 7 April 2012

First Total Recall Trailer Released

Get a sneak peak of one of 2012's most promising sleeper hits!
You may not have heard (I hadn't until recently), but it's been confirmed to the world that a remake of the classic 1990 sci-fi movie Total Recall is on its way to cinemas this Summer, and we've now got the first trailer for this reinterpretation. The original film told the tale of a factory worker who began to believe that his government may have erased the memories within him of a crafty spy who knew too much for his own good, a thrilling premise if there ever was one that could easily become a hit once again. The only risk the director has here is making it all seem a little too familiar with regards to the Bourne Identity franchise, especially with the remake releasing in close proximity to that series' essential reboot The Bourne Legacy later this year. Hopefully, we'll be able to tell the two movies apart, otherwise there really will be problems! Total Recall is out on August 3rd.

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