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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Doctor Who 2013 Christmas Special Trailer Released

The Pandorica has opened, but when will Silence fall? A bell is tolling for the Eleventh Doctor this Christmas...
The BBC have today released the first teaser trailer for Doctor Who's latest Christmas Special. Picking up in the aftermath of The Day of the Doctor, the feature-length episode stars Matt Smith as the Doctor, Jenna Coleman as Clara and ultimately will introduce Peter Capaldi as the Doctor too.

With the episode itself still over a month away from broadcast, the clip (below) doesn't reveal much beyond an inkling of the basic premise. We see the Doctor ask for the name of the planet he stands on (or perhaps that he has heard mentioned as part of a plot prompt to get him there), then a flurry of clips of Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels and the Silence are shown, along with an unseen female character's revelation that the Time Lord has returned to Trenzalore. Bearing in mind the new path the Doctor set out for himself in the final moments of last night's groundbreaking 50th Anniversary Special, it stands to reason that he might return to the place of his tomb for the final battle mentioned in The Name of the Doctor, so as to change his destiny and begin his journey towards Gallifrey. Who knows, though?

Steven Moffat is promising answers to key story arcs and conflicts in the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who here. That the Silence are back and the tagline 'Silence Will Fall' returns at the end of the teaser lends weight to the notion that a resolution to their non-participation in The Name of the Doctor is coming next month. Perhaps the Fall of the Eleventh and the First Question's significance will be revealed in full here? Moffat added to these speculations in a recent DWM, hinting that viewers will learn how and why the TARDIS exploded in The Pandorica Opens, why Kovarian raised an army against the Doctor in A Good Man Goes To War and just what Prisoner Zero meant by 'Silence Will Fall' in Matt's very first episode, The Eleventh Hour. Stay tuned!

Doctor Who returns for its 2013 Christmas Special this Christmas Day on BBC One.

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