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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Nan Christmas Special Commissioned

Catherine Tate returns to BBC One for festive comedy antics this Christmas.
The BBC have today commissioned a Christmas Special of their new comedy show Nan. A spin-off of their hit sketch programme The Catherine Tate Show, the new series focuses exclusively on Tate's titular iconic 'Nan' character and her escapades on her home turf while her grandson Jamie is abroad.

Nan most recently made an appearance on the Children In Need 2013 live telethon, although the reaction to the Holby City crossover skit from critics was less than complementary at the time. That said, with the character evidently having resonated enough with the British audience upon her return, the likelihood of Nan's success next month is all but inevitable, even if it does deserve to thrive about as much as Mrs Brown's Boys...

Nan d├ębuts with its Christmas Special on BBC One this Christmas Day.

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