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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Promotion: The Doctor & I Available For Pre-Order

You can now reserve your copy of WhovianNet's glorious celebratory 50th Anniversary book, featuring an essay by yours truly...
It's not often here at On-Screen that I ask for your attention on a matter of interest outside the realms of entertainment coverage, so you'll hopefully appreciate the relevance of this particular post. Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary celebratory releases are landing in their multitudes this week, but there's one particular paperback publication which I believe truly warrants your attention.

Published by the writers of the unofficial Who site WhovianNet, The Doctor & I is a definitive collection of plenty of fans' touching memoirs on the bold science-fiction drama which has survived for half a century. On the eve of the broadcast of The Day of the Doctor this Saturday, there's no better time to experience a retrospective of what makes the programme such a success in 2013 and the number of lives the Doctor has touched outside of his fictitious narrative's boundaries in his time on-screen, on audio and everywhere besides.

The book features an introduction by Richard Curtis, the iconic director of Love, Actually and About Time and the writer of the beloved Who episode Vincent and the Doctor. My published essay is titled Turn Right, and features in the publication alongside 85 other grand summaries of Doctor Who's history and its power over viewers worldwide. Classic series star Katy Manning had this to say on the text: "We wouldn't be celebrating Doctor Who's fabulous 50th if it weren't for three major factors. First, the original concept. Second, the commitment, passion and creativity of the teams that have worked on it over the years and third, and most importantly, all the fans around the world, some of which are featured in WhovianNet's The Doctor & I! Thanks for your love and support over these 50 brilliant years of the unstoppable Who!"

The Doctor & I is published on Saturday November 23rd and can be pre-ordered now at GJB Publishing. Please support the project, as the work that has gone into it from WhovianNet, Richard and all of the book's contributors is incredible: http://www.gjbpublishing.co.uk/The_Doctor_%26_I_UK.html

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