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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Who News: New 50th Videos, Images, Details Unveiled

Doctor Who "The Day Of The Doctor"A multimedia blitz of Doctor Who 50th Anniversary material lands thanks to the BBC!
The BBC have today released several press releases, images, videos and other details on Doctor Who's oncoming 50th Anniversary celebrations. It's safe to say that such an onslaught of news, announcements and the like is somewhat unprecedented for a traditionally secretive network such as this, a fact which only serves to make the astounding array of reveals all the more satisfying.

For obvious reasons, we shan't dilly or dally any longer, for fear of wasting time. Here, then, is our definitive round-up of all of the key news reveals on Doctor Who's biggest month ever that have hit today:
  • THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR TRAILER- After months of waiting and ever-growing levels of anticipation, BBC One have confirmed that a trailer for the 50th Anniversary Special, The Day of the Doctor, will air this weekend. To be specific, the preview will broadcast this Saturday November 9th at 7.55pm on BBC One. Be there or be cubed...
  • THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR PROMOTIONAL IMAGES- What better way to kick off a morning than with episodes of the aforementioned feature-length adventure? None, it seems, so the BBC have offered glimpses of Matt Smith, Ingrid Oliver (both above), David Tennant and Joanna Page (both below) in the episode for your viewing delight!
  • THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR CAST INTERVIEWS- On top of the trailer announcement and official screenshots, the BBC have gone one step further and released a series of video interview clips starring Matt Smith, David Tennant, Jenna Louise Coleman, Joanna Page and Steven Moffat, all of which can be found at this link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/mediapacks/dayofthedoctor/
  • THE SCIENCE OF DOCTOR WHO TRAILER- Another celebratory 50th Anniversary production is The Science of Doctor Who, a special lecture programme helmed by famed scientist Brian Cox and co-starring Matt Smith as the Doctor. The (admittedly rather cheesy) trailer for the documentary can be found below. The Science of Doctor Who broadcasts next Thursday November 14th at 9.30pm on BBC Two.
  • 50TH ANNIVERSARY SOUNDTRACKS- Silva Screen Records have today announced the release of two commemorative 50th Anniversary Soundtrack albums. The first is a 4-disc set compiling memorable pieces of music from across Doctor Who's half-century history, and the second a rare 11-disc boxset compiling never-before-heard tracks from each of the Eleven Doctors' respective eras. Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Soundtrack will retail in late November.
  • STRAX'S ZYGON FIELD REPORT VIDEO- Commander Strax is back! Yes, the lovably hapless Sontaran warrior is back with a new field report ahead of The Day of the Doctor, where he discusses the Zygons, a shape-shifting race who first appeared in the 1970s tale Terror of the Zygons and are now set to return in this month's blockbuster episode. You can check out this hilarious latest clip below...
  • AN ADVENTURE IN SPACE AND TIME DVD DETAILS- Last but by no means least, BBC Worldwide have today confirmed details of the BBC Two origins docudrama An Adventure In Space And Time's DVD release. As well as featuring the full 90-minute film set to broadcast on BBC Two on November 21st, the DVD will house a mini-documentary called William Hartnell: The Original, reconstructions of key Hartnell scenes featuring Adventure's cast, a behind-the-scenes documentary called The Making of an Adventure narrated by Carole Ann Ford and a specially created leaflet written by Mark Gatiss on the show. An Adventure In Space And Time materialises in DVD retailers on December 3rd.
Doctor Who returns with its blockbuster 50th Anniversary Special, The Day of the Doctor, on BBC One, at cinemas and across BBC networks worldwide on Saturday November 23rd.
Doctor Who "The Day Of The Doctor"
Doctor Who "The Day Of The Doctor"
Doctor Who "The Day Of The Doctor"

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