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Friday, 22 November 2013

Expose: Thor: The Dark World Review

Will Thor's latest leave you hammered with thrills, or has it been crushed under its own weight?
I'll make this one relatively short as the post's premise is simple- though it's been a few weeks since Thor: The Dark World launched in UK cinemas, it's still available for you to go out and watch should you so desire. Before you do that, though, check out my definitive verdict on the superhero sequel over at Expose's website.

On-Screen's score for The Dark World is 3.5*, and to put that score in the context of our reviews of other recent superhero efforts, Thor earned 4.5*, Avengers Assemble acquired the mighty 5* ranking and Iron Man 3 landed 4.5* earlier this year. Here's the link to my review at Exposehttp://xmedia.ex.ac.uk/wp/wordpress/review-thor-the-dark-world-2/

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