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Monday, 2 April 2012

Coming Up This Week: April 2nd-8th

Is the Force strong with this week?
The next seven days certainly aren't what you might call overly busy, but there are still some exciting new releases on their way to keep your appetites sated until the next wave hits, as you'll see below...
AT THE MOVIES- Next week Battleship is on the way, as is a BIG horror film which I'll be encoraging you to check out soon, but until then there's only really Mirror Mirror, Jo Nesbo's Headhunters and The Cold Light Of Day (both thrillers) in terms of new stuff, so why not check out The Hunger Games, The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists, 21 Jump Street or Wrath of The Titans instead if you haven't already?
SWITCH ON THE TELLY- House is faced with the prospect of treating a hardened army veteran in House: Blowing The Whistle, while the famous ship Titanic heads straight for its equally infamous iceberg in the penultimate instalment of Titanic.
ON THE SHELVES- Out today on DVD and Blu-Ray are Hugo, Alvin And The Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked and Doctor Who: Nightmare Of Eden, and I'd definitely recommend at least the first and the last of those features as they're renowned as among the best pieces in their genres!
GAME ON- Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 is this week's big sports game release, but bar one other much anticipated title I'll mention in a sec, there's not much to revel in in this department this time around.
CRANK UP THE TUNES- We've got the latest Now! That's What I Call Music compilation (Now 81) out today, and that features a host of great tracks like Dance With Me Tonight, The One That Got Away, Paradise, Somebody That I Used To Know and many more, so if like me you're into the mainstream areas of music rather than some of the more hardcore genres, you really can't go wrong there.
KINECT STAR WARS- After countless delays, LucasArts and Microsoft Game Studios are finally letting us get our hands on their much-hyped Kinect Star Wars game, featuring a Jedi campaign mode, duelling, pod-racing and (shudder) Galactic Dance-Off, which has riffs on Going Solo (I'm Han Solo), YMCA ("It's fun to be in the Em-pire to-day!") and We No Speak Americano (uttered in Jabba The Hutt's language) to get down and funky with. Bet you never thought I'd be saying that about a Star Wars game, eh?
ON THE BLOG- I'll be rating Kinect Star Wars, Catching Fire, Mockingjay, Iron Man: Extremis and A Monster Calls in the next few days, plus revealing some exciting news and a few big site exclusives which you'll only read here!

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