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OS Cover Image

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Fable: The Journey Boxart Revealed

Our first proper look at the marketing strategy for the fourth Fable!
Will Fable: The Journey finally be the Kinect game that convinces core gamers to jump onto the peripheral bandwagon? Who knows- for now, we've got the cover for the upcoming video game. Unveiled at E3 2011, this new game utilises and requires use of the motion sensor camera. We see an unnamed character with glowing spheres of magic emitting from his hands, suggesting that wizardry will be a heightened focus in the latest entry in Lionhead's fantasy series. First impressions from the press so far have been pretty promising, and we may well get another full look at the game via Fable: Heroes, out in May. As far as release dates go, nothing's definite yet, but it's estimated that Fable: The Journey will be with us in September (putting it up against Far Cry 3...)!

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