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Monday, 2 April 2012

First Men In Black III TV Spot Released

Another look at one of the biggest comedies of the Summer of Film!
We've got a brand new television advert for Men In Black III today. The threequel sees Agent Jay (Will Smith) race back through time to the year 1969 in order to save his alien-busting secret agent pal Kay (Tommy-Lee Jones, Josh Brolin) from an intergalactic threat before his death causes a catastrophic new timeline for the modern world ruled by aliens. This brief trail teases some new foes with tentactles for Jay to face off against, as well as the retro phones Kay will use and the cool piece of vehicular hardware the Men In Black employed back in the 60s. This is unlikely to reach Film of the Year territory, but I still reckon it'll be a great new flick to keep the fire burning in the relative quiet of May's film roster. Men In Black III is out on May 25th.

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