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Saturday, 7 April 2012

New Halo 4 Details Revealed

Find out even more about Microsoft's biggest 2012 exclusive...
It's been a while since the Master Chief graced our consoles with a full new adventure of Halo goodness, so anticipation is inevitably raised high for Halo 4, perhaps the biggest and most exciting first-person shooter of this year. Via GameInformer, we've now got a few more intriguing snippets about the game's storyline and multiplayer modes that fans will not want to miss out on- read on below to find out why...
  • The game's main storyline takes place four years after the events of Halo 3 (released on 360 back in 2007, followed by ODST in 2008, Wars in 2009, Reach in 2010 and Combat Evolved Anniversary last year).
  • We see the Chief awoken by a new-look version of Cortana from his stasis in the broken half of the ship to find it has been invaded by a group of Covenant forces. These soldiers work for a large army of Covenant preparing to investigate the Forerunner structure that the last Spartan II and his AI companion have unwittingly stumbled onto...
  • Meanwhile, the multiplayer segment of the game is going to go under the name Halo: Infinity. Basically, a UNSC spaceship and battle station called the Infinity is running a series of operations and experiments which it needs budding Spartants to partake in.
  • This expanded side-plotline is basically a neat way of taking you into the online modes, which use Spartan Points earned from kills and mission completions in the new Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops-esque Spartan Ops mode to get new armor, loadouts and missions. Hardcore online fans needn't worry, though, as both the basic multiplayer battles and the co-op campaign we've come to know and love from Halo are back at their best here.
  • Sadly it seems as if Firefight may not return to the party this time around, but something along those lines could well be integrated into Spartan Ops just as Survival was with COD last year, so don't worry just yet.
Expect loads more details from 343 Industries on this thrilling new FPS project at Microsoft's E3 2012 showcase in June. Halo 4 will ship to Xbox 360 consoles everywhere this Winter.

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