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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Ghost Recon: Commander Announced

A brand new social game will allow players to fight for more Future Soldier currency!
There's no doubting that for many gamers the futuristic third-person shooter Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will be among their Most Anticipated Releases Of 2012 lists, and with good reason- the sci-fi adventure is looking very promising, with loads of great action setpieces to sate the appetities of both series fans and newcomers. Ubisoft have today announced the release of Ghost Recon: Commander, a free-to-play Facebook social game (also to be made available on iOS details) which will feature a number of exciting related mini-games for players to try out. By completing these and ranking high in the leaderboards, fans can get additional currency to buy new weapons and armour in the full 360 and PS3 game, as well as unlocking additional unannounced bonuses too. Expect more news on the app very soon; Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will be here on May 25th.

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