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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Angry Birds: Epic Announced

Dark Souls II is just the beginning of our fantasy RPG adventures this year, apparently!
Rovio Entertainment have this weekend announced the development of Angry Birds: Epic for release later this year. A new instalment in their best-selling multi-medium franchise, Epic will take the form of an intricate role-playing game with classical turn-based combat and levelling elements and an entirely original narrative experience (no Star Wars or Rio riffs here, folks!).

Unlike past chapters in the series, though, the distribution scheme for this ambitious RPG will represent a trial-and-error approach of sorts from Rovio. Epic will appear first on iTunes down under and in Canada, and provided that "soft launch" (IGN's words, not ours) goes to plan, then we can expect to see the product moved over to the UK via the various digital mobile marketplaces (iOS, Windows Store, Google Play etc.). Look for more details, videos and our definitive verdict on the game itself in the weeks ahead, and stay tuned to On-Screen for coverage of each and every one of 2014's major industry announcements.

Angry Birds: Epic is available on the Canadian and Australian iOS App Store now and will launch in the UK in late March.

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