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Friday, 14 March 2014

The Big Bang Theory Eighth, Ninth & Tenth Seasons Commissioned

Did someone say "BAZINGA!"? No? It must just have been us, then...
CBS have this week announced the commissioning of three more seasons of their hit comedy show The Big Bang Theory. Currently broadcasting its seventh run on E4, the programme focuses on four socially-inept young adults who must attempt to avoid and/or overcome the obstacles of teenage life including romance, alcohol and their friends' inability to recognise their growing academic intellect.

Seeing such a ratings-hoarding production as Big Bang receive further episodes for the 2014/15 season on CBS comes as no great surprise, but it has to be said, this near-unprecedented three-season commission threatened to take us off our feet when we first caught wind of it. Once it hits Season Ten, Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady's pet project will match NBC's iconic sitcom Friends, and given how rapidly that particular comedy began to lose steam in its final hours, we can only hope that Big Bang doesn't follow suit too quickly in the years ahead. Stay tuned to On-Screen for all the latest details on new commissions, cancellations and developments for the 2014/15 season of US TV.

The Big Bang Theory continues on E4 with a repeat of Season Seven's The Itchy Brain Simulation next Thursday March 20th, and will return to both CBS and E4 for Seasons Eight, Nine and Ten in Autumn 2014, Autumn 2015 and Autumn 2016 respectively.

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