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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Titanfall Xbox 360 Port Release Date Announced

Rest assured that Titans WILL Fall on current-generation hardware- just not yet...
Microsoft Game Studios, Respawn Entertainment and Bluepoint Games have today announced a final delay in the release schedule of the Xbox 360 version of their first-person-shooter video game Titanfall. Set in the near future, this acclaimed first-party exclusive title takes the form of a Massively Multiplayer Online experience, utilising the renowned Xbox Live subscription service to provide players with access to (reportedly) one of the most innovative FPS campaigns of recent times.

Whereas the Xbox One and PC editions of this much-anticipated product are set to launch in UK retailers tomorrow, March 21st, unspecified technical issues have seemingly prevented Bluepoint from matching Respawn's launch date, to the extent that the 360 port has now suffered two substantial official setbacks. As such, we'd advise caution when it comes to approaching the game itself, since such delays rarely bode well for a competitive online experience (just ask the makers of Spore or other canned projects along the same lines), nor for a game's potential in general, with this month's South Park: The Stick of Truth representing a rare exception to the rule. Should Titanfall's current-generation incarnation succeed, though, it may yet prompt third-party developers to reconsider the speed with which they abandon Microsoft's best-selling hardware in favour of the publisher's latest home console.

Titanfall mobilizes on Xbox 360 this April 11th in the UK (and April 8th in the US).

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