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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Nintendo & McDonalds Commercial Partnership Announced

A Happy Meal is now a Happy Mario (well, not really, but you get the idea)...
As part of their renewed focus on marketing their key video game franchises in other mediums, Nintendo have this weekend confirmed that toys based on the Super Mario series will be packaged with Happy Meal boxes at McDonalds in both the UK and the US. This unprecedented commercial partnership is set to mark merely the first chapter in the former publisher's quest to attain much-needed new sales for their fledging WiiU and 3DS home and handheld consoles respectively.

Here's a full list of the action figures which Mario fans can expect to pick up should they head over to their nearest McDonalds restaurant, indulge their inner child and purchase a Happy Meal starting next week:
  • Mario holding a Brick Block atop a Gold Coin
  • Donkey Kong carrying a Barrel over his shoulder
  • A Power Mushroom
  • A standalone Mario figure
  • Mario rising out of a Warp Pipe
  • A standalone Luigi figure
  • A standalone Toad figure
  • A standalone Yoshi figure
The Super Mario range of toys will début in McDonalds' Happy Meal boxes on Wednesday March 19th.

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