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Monday, 17 March 2014

New Disney Animated Classics Re-Releases Announced

Find out which beloved animated hits will be making a return to the big screen soon...
Walt Disney Pictures have today announced two more of their animated films set to receive a box office re-release. The studio's (relatively successful) initiative began with a renewed big-screen run for The Lion King in 2011, and since then, we've been lucky enough to play host to five more beloved Disney flicks including Beauty and the Beast, The Lady and the Tramp, Toy Story and Peter Pan.

No re-launches of this ilk have been announced for 2014 as of yet, but the next animated instalments set to undergo the Diamond Edition treatment should definitely be enough to raise the excite-o-meters of fans the world over. For us, it's the confirmation that The Incredibles is the latest classic outing on Disney's re-release roster that bodes most promisingly of all, since Incredibles represented nothing less than a tour-de-force in cinematic storytelling and a colossal step forward both for its genre and its medium. The news that a Diamond version of Ratatouille is in the works, however, isn't likely to be met with such a warm reception by the interwebs, not least since that particular France-set cooking romp was one of the least remarkable Pixar contributions in recent history. We can only hope that Incredibles in particular attains a much-deserved second lease of life at the box office in the near future, enough so that Ratatouille's near-guaranteed diminishing return doesn't dissuade Disney from continuing their re-release campaign overall.

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