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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Anchorman 2 Announced

The biggest news of the decade...? Quite possibly!
Will Ferrell confirmed last night on the US chatshow Conan that he would reprise his role as Ron Burgandy in a sequel to Anchorman that had been settled upon with Paramount Pictures. Until the programme aired, it had seemed as if the rumoured second act in the story of the eccentric and cocky news anchor that began way back in 2004 was cancelled, but in character Ferrell assured us that we'll get to see a reprise from himself in the near future. It's great news to be sure for fans of the original, especially considering that its 63% average critics' score on Metacritic is not the best a comedy has ever had by a long way, yet that there was such charm and general explicit fun in the first movie has got my hopes up that this will feel less like a cameo ensemble piece and more a thoroughly modern comedy extravaganza. You can catch that clip of the announcement below, and sleep safe in the knowledge that Will is also working on a sequel to Step Brothers 2- no news yet on what order these two second entries will take in filming and release, but expect at least one of them to arrive at cinemas in 2013 if all goes according to plan!

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