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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Hunger Games Adventures Impressions

Does the Facebook prequel RPG live up to the great movie?Before I start, a quick reminder: if you've yet to see the brilliant new Hunger Games movie (4.5/5) at cinemas, make sure you do so over the Easter holidays as it's one of the best flicks out right now. Okay, back to this impressions piece. Hunger Games Adventures is going to be a free-to-play Facebook role playing game that will allow players to explore District 11 and perform tasks which will eventually lead up to the events of the novel/the film. From what I've played so far of the private beta, this RPG has a lot of potential to go places if its developers can keep up the level of innovation and incentives throughout its storyline. You'll find yourself working alongside Katniss, Gale and other familiar characters from Suzanne Collins' piece, each needing your help in completing missions and objectives crucial to District 11's survival within the oppression of the Capitol. The visuals are pleasant, the text language appropriate for the target kids/young teens demographic and the storyline compelling enough to keep Games fans quite addicted to the whole experience. My only gripe so far is that it looks like Facebook want you to pay small amounts via credit card or Visa should you want to boost your character's health or experience points, a strategy which I reckon may work to the creators' detriment in the near future as people start to recognise the scam and give up on the game as a result. If this financially disturbing problem can be addressed before the game gets released to the entirety of Facebook's following, then Hunger Games Adventures will be a great expansion to the series lore for those already desperate to see Catching Fire when it arrives in cinemas in November 2013.

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