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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Gadget Show: World Tour Announced

A new format of the tech show hits Channel 5 next month!
It would be easy to let a programme as (dare I say it) trivial as The Gadget Show become dull and predictable over time, so it's probably with this in mind that the powers that be at Channel 5 have prompted a drastic overhaul of the programme, shedding three of its presenters and givingt it a new name. The Gadget Show: World Tour will see Jason Bradbury and Polly Woodward travelling across the world to investigate some of the most "bleeding-edge" technology around, testing out pieces of hardware that would never have been available in the original Gadget Show. Apparently, this new approach will allow the programme to take on a more humorous and edgy tone, more akin to Top Gear than anything else, and while it will be a shame to see Ortis, Suzie and John depart from the TGS presentation room, perhaps this will be just the shift the show needs to be as globally renowned as its scale and ambition can allow. The Gadget Show: World Tour commences broadcasting in April on Channel 5.

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