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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Q1 2012 Awards: Top 5 Best Films

Find out my personal favourite five movies of this year's first three months...
Well, as much as it amazes me to say it, we're here: we've reached the end of the first quarter of 2012. There's certainly been a lot going on, so I thought I would round things off with a look at the best moments in the main industries that the blog covers. Starting with the film industry, here's my countdown of my Top 5 fave flicks of this quarter...
5. STAR WARS EPISODE I: THE PHANTOM MENACE 3D (3.5/5)- It seems bizzare to place what used to be one of my most loathed movies on this list, but Star Wars Episode I actually turned out a lot better than I remembered it when I saw it recently on the big screen in 3D. There was something about the lightsaber battles, the podraces, the spaceship battles and all of that grand CGI Lucas fanfare that really compelled me to keep watching throughout. Although this is not one of the saga's best entries, The Phantom Menace is definitely worth a rewatch thirteen years on from its debut.
4. 21 JUMP STREET (4/5)- I love pleasant surprises, and catching 21 Jump Street was one such example of such a pleasant surprise. There is nothing groundbreaking for a comedy film here, yet it's the swagger and bravado with which the writers pull off the hilarious, relevant proceedings that really secures the movie's place as one of the better romps of this quarter.
3. THE HUNGER GAMES (4.5/5)- There's always going to be a risk in adapting such a deep and compelling fantasy novel as The Hunger Games onto the big screen that something will get lost in transition. Thankfully, I was happy to confirm that for the most part the new version was successful, a thrilling fantasy adventure that is sure to captivate its teenage audience throughout. I couldn't award it full marks due to the incoherence of some plot elements for newcomers and the overall lack of depth to many of the character arcs, but overall I still really loved it and can't wait to see how Lionsgate deal with the concluding two novels in the trilogy!
2. THE MUPPETS (5/5)- Undoubtedly, though, this was one of the finest films on offer in this quarter. The Muppets was packed with charm, strong humour and innuendo-twisting gags that came together to give us a musical masterpiece of a film which won't ever likely be forgotten by viewers. I'll admit that The Artist represents a filmic achievement in revitalising the silent cinema genre, but in many ways I believe Muppets has been overlooked for actually using full-blown song numbers throughout in a similar vein to The Lion King, The Wizard of Oz and other Disney movies. Unless you're a total anti-Muppet kind of person, I would really recommend you check out this fantastic comedy when it hits DVD and Blu-Ray this June. Few jokeathons come anywhere close to matching the laughs and tears that The Muppets provides in such plentitude.
1. WAR HORSE (5/5)- I don't think there was ever any question in my mind as to which movie deserved to reach the top of this list. In terms of true cinematic masterpieces, things have been pretty sparse as of late, but for me War Horse was the sole definition of how to pull off a historical, emotive and dramatic piece of fiction on the big screen. Every element of the production, from the wonderous cast of celebrities and rising stars, to the beautifully rendered setpieces and animation to the wonderfully Spielberg-esque storyline (and of course Spielberg's actual direction) was brought to life perfectly here, creating one of the most engaging and compelling works of cinema in a long time. There's no point in comparing this to the stage show, because quite simply both pieces represent absolute landmarks in their respective dramatic contexts, and to put them into competition against one another would be to discredit Michael Morpurgo for spawning such fantastic inspirations.

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