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Sunday, 25 March 2012

BioWare: Dragon Age III, New ME3 Ending Incoming?

Big developments for BioWare on the way soon?
What with the release of Mass Effect 3 earlier this month, developer BioWare have been keeping themselves busy recently, and things don't look to be quietening down now either! It turns out that part of their team has commenced work on future full games for the Dragon Age franchise, which has basically served as an announcement from the company that a third full game in the series is probably on its way next year. Meanwhile, what with all the controversy surrounding the ME3 ending, the company have also gone out of their way to assure us that soon DLC "game content initiatives" will be offered to quabbling fans in order to ensure that some of the blatant plot holes of the climax can be clarified and adjusted in order for future instalments in the series to gain context and accuracy when they commence development. It's a daring move, but hopefully one that will pay off...further announcements on the ME3 DLC release schedule are expected early next week!

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