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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Glee: On My Way Review (5/5)

This short run has opened and ended with two stunning episodes!
It never ceases to amaze me how despite often wavering in the middle sections of its Americanised bunches of seven or eight episodes, Glee can so regularly pick itself up for the opening and closing episodes of its new run. Yes/No was an absolutely sublime piece of comedy drama, and On My Way wraps this section of Series Three up fantastically, providing genuine scares along the way as the lives of students we've come to know and love are put at risk and of course the typical laughs and cheers we've come to know and expect from the programme. The best moment of the episode has to be Karoskvy's shocking attempt at suicide for the revelation and bullying regarding his homosexuality he has recieved- it's a dramatic shift in the character's otherwise stunted story arc, and something I hope gets picked up upon fully in the final run of the season. Rarely has the show gone to such dark places as this, but when it does it so well you can't help but wonder why it doesn't try to do so more often. I understand that that might turn the whole affair into a rather morbid experience (certainly we don't want too many fear-inducing cliffhangers like Quinn's car crash for the kiddies!), yet it's done Glee such wonders this time around that I reckon it should happen a little more frequently. As such, the awards for Best Portrayals of the night must go to Diana Agron as Quinn and a surprise turn by Jane Lynch as Sue, giving us some of the most emotive and tear-jerking moments of the hour. I haven't even got around to the song selection yet, however I can safely say that with Glad You Came, Here's To Us, I Believe I Can Fly, Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) and so many other greats cunningly thrust in we really did have one of the best episodes of the entire show so far. That fans will be so eager to see the resolution to both the car crash storyline and indeed the riotous wedding of Rachel and Finn is testament to how high Glee has come in this instance, and the sheer quality of On My Way is something I really hope the writers, directors and cast members can keep up as we race towards the finale when the show returns to Sky1 in a fortnight's time!

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