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Friday, 23 March 2012

Terra Nova Cancelled

We won't be returning to this future colony again.
Although it could hardly be said to be one of the great classic television shows of our time, the first season of science-fiction drama Terra Nova did show some promise in terms of the new programme's development in the future. Evidently, though, promise is not enough for Fox, who have elected not to commission the series for a second further run of episodes. The first bunch of adventures focused around a futuristic family of humans taking refuge on an alien colony after their own world faced destruction. Things were left at a cliffhanger of sorts, but as we now know this is by no means confirmation of more to come from a series (see Torchwood: Miracle Day for proof of that). Rumours suggest the extensive CGI coupled with the low ratings the show got on Fox and here on Sky1 were the reasons for its cancellation, yet we can now only speculate on what might have been for Terra Nova rather than what ever could be.

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