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Sunday, 25 March 2012

New Prometheus Viral Released

An intriguing robot interface gets teased by 20th Century Fox.
If you hadn't already worked this out yet, I'm going to be giving a heck of a lot of coverage to Ridley Scott's new sci-fi venture Prometheus in the coming months. Why? Well, on top of being a prequel to the 1979 classic Alien, the movie is looking like one of the best action-horror flicks of recent times, especially with its varied cast list of famed and rising stars that looks to aid in bringing us one of the sleeper hits of the Summer of Film. The new viral video that has been released for the flick teases an artificial interface (AI) within a robot body that can think for itself, perhaps beginning to hint at the extraterresterial threat that awaits the crew of the ship Prometheus when they land on the mysterious planet shown in trailers- could the lurking force that attacks use such AIs to get to the human investigators and force its way back to Earth? No matter what the truth, this extensive marketing campaign is quickly building up my hopes for Prometheus, plus makes the wait till its June 1st release date seem that more agonising!

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