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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

GAME: The Full List Of Closed Stores

It's a truly sad day for the British high-street retailer industry.
Yesterday, it was confirmed that the GAME group had entered administration, and after a few subsequent detailings on the wiping of all Reward Card and Voucher redemption funds, the chain then confirmed that 277 of their GAME and GameStation stores would soon close. I want to pay my respects here to a sublime franchise of British shops, the likes of which are impossible to find elsewhere and probably will never be found again, and who encouraged my passion and thousands of other people's passions for video gaming to the end. My thoughts and best wishes go to all of the loyal staff who have been left jobless by this tragic turn of events- this must be a challenging time to say the very least, and I wish you the very best in your future employment. Here is just the beginning of the list of the stores which closed/are about to close: Abergavveny; Accrington; Aintree; Altrincham; Andover; Antrim; Ashford; Ashington; Ashton; Athlone; Aylesbury; Ballymena; Banbury; Bangor; Barking; Barnet; Barnsley; Barnstaple; Burrow In Furness; Basildon; Basingstoke; Bath; Beckton; Belfast; Birkington; Birmingham; Bishop; Blackburn; Blackpool; Bluewater; Bolton; Boston; Bracknell; Bournemouth; Bradford; Brent Cross; Bridgend; Bristol; Bromley; Buxton; Camden; Cardiff; Cheltham; Chester; Chiswick; Cork; Coventry; Doncaster; Dorchester; Dublin; Dudley; Dundee; Edinbrugh; Glasgow; Halifax; Hastings; High Wycombe; Hull; Kingston; Leeds; Liverpool; Maidenhead; Manchester; Milton Keynes; Newbury; Newcastle; Newport; Norwich; Nottingham; Portsmouth; Preston; Reading; Salisbury; Slough; Southhampton; St Albans; Swansea; Torquay; Uxbridge.
For the full list, visit this link: http://techtroid.co.uk/full-list-of-closed-gamegamestation-stores-7108

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