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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Glee Double Review (Spanish Teacher, Heart)

How are the latest two episodes?
Glee can often go through a bit of a meandering phase towards its mid-season finale, but nevertheless I thought I'd take a look at the latest two episodes to air on Sky1...
THE SPANISH TEACHER (2.5/5)- This is one prime example of Glee seeming to lose its way a little on the journey to On My Way. Although there are one or two great covers- Sexy And I Know It is certainly a memorable highlight- the majority of the episode's focus is on Will's strive to 'beat' the Spanish teacher at a rendition of a foreign song and Emma's leaflet campaign taking a turn for the best, and this is testament to the writing team's apparent fear of moving the series arc forward too early. As ever, the episode has its laughs and moments, but as a whole it's pretty weak filler.
HEART (3/5)- Here we have what was obviously aired as the Valentine's Day special over in America. The lighthearted competition between Artie and Rory to win Sugar's love is a step above some of the humorous escapades in previous weeks, and although the song selection is by no means a winner (I Will Always Love You, Love Shack, you name it and the cheesy name is probably there), this shortcoming's impact is reduced by the fun that's had throughout. Blaine's cameo at the end is plain bizarre, but overall there's just a lot more to like (or rather love) about this one.

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