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Friday, 30 March 2012

New Avengers Assemble Teaser Released

Laughs and team building galore...
We here in Britain should think ourselves lucky- although The Avengers has been rather lazily retitled Avengers Assemble so as not to confuse fans of the classic TV show of the same name, we're going to get the movie a full ten days earlier than America. That means we'll get to see Tony Stark dishing out the dossiers on each of the titular team's members to Loki when asked what possible resistance he can mount against the alien army we see invading (in more detail this time, but apart from that they're not Kree, Skrulls or Frost Giants, I really can't work out anything about them due to my lack of knowledge of the comics), plus Hulk laying down some serious hits on the new extraterresterials. Take a look at the teaser below for more exciting new footage; Avengers Assemble will be here on April 26th.

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