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Monday, 26 March 2012

Smallville Season 11 Comics Teased

Clark Kent takes to the skies in the new digital range!
No Superman fan will ever quite be able to forget the thrill of seeing Tom Welling's Clark Kent become the Man of Steel in the final episode of Smallville last year. While it's hard to replicate that thrill on paper, Geoff Johns is going to try his best to do so, bringing fans a spiritual 'Season 11' in comic-book form later this year. Speaking to IGN, Johns has revealed a couple of details on the new range of comics:
  • "So in the finale, there was this seven year time jump that went to everyone seven years in the future. We're not that far in. We're six months after Clark became Superman and pushed Apokolyps out of orbit, so it's kind of like Superman: Year One with a Smallville cast of characters."
  • "Chloe and Oliver, who are married, want to move to Star City and get on with their lives. Because of the events of Season Ten, they didn't get a chance to be married. It's a lot of them figuring out what to do next. For them, something happens in the first twelve weeks that very much gives them pause and they have to stay and figure out what to do before they can leave."
  • "I can't wrap my brain around Season 12 right now: I definitely know how 11 ends, so there's a roadmap I've got planned out for this season, but it's hard for me because I don't know how long it's going to go for."
The Smallville Season 11 comic series commences publication in America this May, with reprints expected to be sent over here in the course of the Summer.

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