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Saturday, 31 March 2012

April 2012: The Release Dates

All the dates you need to know this month!
As I said in my 'Top 5 Most Anticipated Releases' post, April is a busy old month for entertainment releases, so I've compiled this list of all the key release dates that you will want to watch out for in the next four weeks. Here it is...
SUNDAY 1ST- TV: Titanic Episode 2
MONDAY 2ND- DVDS: Hugo; Alvin & The Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked; Doctor Who: Nightmare Of Eden; CD: Now 81; TV: Two & A Half Men: Not In My Mouth!; MOVIES: Mirror Mirror
TUESDAY 3RD- GAMES: Kinect Star Wars
THURSDAY 5TH- TV: House: Blowing The Whistle
SUNDAY 8TH- TV: Titanic Episode 3
MONDAY 9TH- DVDS: South Park Season 14; TV: Two & A Half Men: The War Against Gingivitis
THURSDAY 12TH- TV: Derek; Glee: Big Brother; House: Gut Check
FRIDAY 13TH- GAMES: Pandora's Tower; MOVIES: The Cabin In The Woods; Lock Out
SUNDAY 15TH- TV: Titanic Episode 4
MONDAY 16TH- DVD: Titanic Series 1; TV: Two & A Half Men: Palmdale, Ech
TUESDAY 17TH- GAMES: The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings Enhanced Edition
THURSDAY 19TH- TV: Glee: Saturday Night Gleever; House: We Need The Eggs
FRIDAY 20TH- GAMES: Battleship
MONDAY 23RD- DVDS: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo; Being Human Series 4; Skins Series 6; Being Human Series 1-4; TV: Two & A Half Men: Grandma's Pie; EVENTS: World Book Night
TUESDAY 24TH- GAMES: Prototype 2
THURSDAY 26TH- TV: Glee Episode 17; House Episode 18; MOVIES: Avengers Assemble
MONDAY 30TH- DVDS: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol; The Iron Lady; TV: Two & A Half Men: Mr Hose Says Yes

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